Monday, January 15, 2007


I've not been feeling the blogging recently, and I'm off on holiday for a month, so consider this blog in a state of suspended animation.

It'll probably still be updated more regularly than Decline And Fall, though.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Girl With A One-Track Mind

Yes, yes, I'm a bad and lazy blogger, but I'm breaking my silence to draw your attention to this. It's a post by Abby Lee, aka Girl With A One Track Mind, about her 'outing' as a sex blogger.

The blogosphere (shame on me for using the word) has certainly got its knickers in a twist over this, as Abby's reprinted the email she got from Sunday Times Deputy News Editor Nick Hellen informing her that her identity was going to be revealed in the paper (after they'd bought up her book, no less) and suggesting that she come in for a photograph because the pap pic they had of her was 'unflattering'.

Frankly, even Hellen himself should recognise that this is a fair cop - why is he more entitled to privacy than she is?