Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Squalid options

At the moment, my house resembles a cross between a refugee camp and a self-storage warehouse.

Yes, it's housemate changeover time, with two in, two out. Or as it has become, one off on holiday, one moved stuff in but not living here, one clinging on to his room for another two weeks, and one deciding wisely to stay out of it. Oh, and several coming to visit.

Possibly my favourite part is that my hummus-eating housemate has got his Lebanese ex-girlfriend staying with him for two weeks (thought about cleaning the house; realised she'd be coming to it from a war zone) and a mysterious French girl called Aude. I only ever see Aude in the kitchen, slicing watermelon. if she does other things, then I've seen no evidence of this.

I have no idea how long these people will be staying here, and in a way I've come to enjoy the commune-like feel of the place. It's also preferable to my boyfriend's new house, which benefits (as estate agents would say) from an awesome living room - complete with Sky Plus, I nearly cried with joy - but has one major drawback. This would be the fact that Boyfriend has what a kindly person might describe as 'the small room'.

A fairer description would be 'the smallest room' as there's no more than a foot of clearance round the bed on two sides, and no clearance at all on the other two. It's actually almost impossible for us both to be standing up in it at the same time, and certainly ill-suited to my style of living, which is to leave a comet-trail of discarded clothes, magazines, cups and shoes in my wake wherever I go.


Blogger Paul B said...

We looked at a place described as having two 'airy' bedrooms and one 'cosy' double bedroom. 'Cosy' meant you could just about fit a single bed in, and your wardrobe would be out in the hallway. Loathe them or despise them, you've got to admit that estate agents do have a gift for the euphemism.

Oh, and congrats on your appearance in the 'top of the blogs' in the Lite. I thought it highly amusing given that you're a sub-editor that they edited it, adding a comma to a sentence and removing a word, thereby rendering it totally ungrammatical.

9/12/2006 12:51 pm  
Anonymous Taste said...

You know, I think I may have noticed something rather worrying about "the smallest room": It's actually taller than it is wide, significantly so.

May have to devise some sort of system for storing things on the ceiling - I'm thinking Velcro-based, if only for the daring game of Damocles' slippers that'd ensue...

9/12/2006 4:23 pm  
Anonymous paul haine said...

"I only ever see Aude in the kitchen, slicing watermelon."

That sounds like nearly every French film I've ever seen.

9/14/2006 6:41 pm  

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