Wednesday, October 12, 2005

something disgraceful; and the £100 pizza.

Watched the Pride of Britain awards last night. It was a little disgusting - the juxtaposition of genuinely lovely people who had done selfless things with no expectation of reward with no-mark celebrities desperate to be associated with them. It made me feel quite nauseous - like these people's achievements were somehow worthless until Posh Spice threw one bony arm round them in congratulation.

Leading the charge was Tony Blair. I don't know what's up with him at the moment - maybe it's the time of the month - but he seems to have spotted that everyone thinks he performs well in times of national grief (Diana's death, July 7 bombings statement) at striking the right note of resolve, sadness and dignity.

Sadly, he's now milking it by doing it all the time. This is the second time this week I've watched him stand up, teary-eyed and slightly stuttering, to deliver a very pointedly emotive and defiantly heartwarming speech.

No one can be that choked with emotion all the time, unless they're Jude in Bridget Jones. And I somehow doubt that someone with the balls of steel required to become Prime Minister makes a habit of locking himself in the toilets and sobbing about how everyone hates him.

Then again...


In other news, Horror! London restaurant serves expensive food shock. Yes, it's £100 for a pizza. No, that's not overpriced - although I might go further than Christopher Hitchens in the top left corner of this page, and add truffles to the list of over-rated things in life.

For some reason, people only get het up about massively expensive items on London restaurant menus when they are jazzed-up versions of staples... see the "£8 baked bean bruschetta" row last year, and the zillion-pound beef burger. Truffles are expensive - deal with it.

What are really overpriced are the thousands of dishes at mediocre restaurants across London (and a fair amount everywhere else, I dare say). Restaurants who think that it's totally acceptable to charge £15 for a main course of pasta, wild mushrooms and cream, as if this was the 70s and ceps were some outlandishly and excitingly alien concept.

No, I've no objection to sky-high prices for true delicacies (let's not get into an argument about the ethics of paying a hundred quid for a pizza when people are starving, by that rationale no restaurant meal is justifiable). What really gets my goat is over-priced middle of the road crap.

(Of course, I might be prejudiced because Gordon Ramsay is my culinary idol, and I admit - in a shameless name drop - that I've been to the chef's table at Maze to do a tasting with Jason Atherton, and it's so good a kitchen they'd be justified charging £10 for the privilege of licking the floor...)

adding a (i think) welcome note of domesticity to this blog, there follows my recipe for rabbit pasta... as made by me last night.

Serves 2 peckish, rather than ravenous, people.

- one wild rabbit, diced (only £2.20? can you believe it? although you will feel like a serial killer chopping it up)
- 2 rashers rindless bacon, chopped up into bits
- handful of mushrooms, half an onion, chopped
- extremely generous pinch of ginger
- three spoons honey
- good slosh of double cream
- dried pasta of your choice

1. Fry onion, rabbit and bacon in lightly-oiled wok for 10 mins
2. Add mushroms, fry for further 3 mins
3. Turn down heat, add ginger, honey and cream. Leave to reduce, simmering gently, while you...
4. Boil some pasta

By the time the pasta is done, the creamy sauce will have turned a pleasant golden colour and will be all gloopy (in a good way).
If you want to be fancy, use dried mushrooms (but sparingly, as the flavour is much stronger). voila!


Blogger hangthedj said...

I hate it when people go on about how expensive London is. If you only eat out in tourist traps or uber trendy Hoxton-esque establishments then yes, it is bloody expensive. There are cheaper areas where you can fill your boots for a very reasonable price and the food is great.
For example, I went out for a meal to a Greek place off the Essex road last night and the meal for 4 of us only cost £37. Bargain!

10/12/2005 12:17 pm  
Blogger galatea said...


But i think you have betrayed your Northern roots with the use of the phrase "fill your boots". Hence you are bound to be a skinflint.

(Also: Greek food? Uuuuurgh. Lumps of feta like clotted ejaculate, and all those horrible gloopy sauces.)

10/12/2005 1:15 pm  
Blogger leflange said...

clotted ejaculate?

much experience with this?

10/13/2005 11:30 am  
Blogger galatea said...

don't be coy, leflange. it doesn't suit you.

10/13/2005 1:01 pm  

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