Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the guardian takes the piss.

from a story about McDonald's trying to pay rappers to mention its products in their songs...

McDonald's finally admitted this week that they have not had to pay out one red cent, let alone 50, to rappers in exchange for a tribute to the Big Mac.

"We have not identified the right opportunity, muthafucka," said a spokesman (apart from the last bit, obviously), adding: "We have not yet identified the match that we've been looking for."

I mean really, is that allowed?

perhaps I am just bitter because I was not allowed to use the headline "Ronnie Barker: Good night from him" on a page yesterday as it was 'bad taste', and today it appeared on the front of the Sun. (FYI it was changed to "Recipe for Success Was a Diet of Porridge". Bah. Although I'm very glad I didn't take W's suggestion of "Open All Hours Star Closed For Business".)

And today the newswire carries a story about the importance of breast self-examination headlined 'Time to Show Breasts some TLC".

oh, go on then...

And more than half of women (52%) said they had not even spared a thought for their breasts in any sense during an average day, according to the research released during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The British Boob Survey, commissioned by charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, came as the charity launched a new education campaign to dispel confusion about breast awareness.
With the message Show Your Breasts Some TLC: Touch, Look, Check, the campaign is urging women to touch their breasts to feel for anything unusual, look for changes in shape and texture and check anything unusual with a doctor.

so, female readers, please spare a thought for your breasts today...


in other news, finished martin amis's london fields at the weekend. brief judgement: brilliant, masterly, unloveable.

am on to money now, interspersed with clarkson on cars and matthew parris' autobiography. have been recommended tibor fischer (the one who described yellow dog as 'like finding a favourite uncle masturbating in a playground') but can't get his books cheaply, so any thoughts on him welcome.


Anonymous Laura said...

I believe that Eminem effectively uses McDonald's arches to describe the body of someone having a fit after taking drugs in the song 'Kids'. Perhaps someone should point this out to McDs?

10/06/2005 3:53 pm  
Anonymous artegall said...

"Money" is a neglected masterpiece, and pisses all over other Amis novels (haven't read them all). Expecting a review here soon...

10/11/2005 5:55 pm  

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