Monday, October 17, 2005

blog break

for various reasons (disillusionment with fellow bloggers, writing fatigue, impending holiday, absence of interesting subject matter) i'm giving the blog a rest for a bit. this post is so that weave etc don't say things like, "my boyfriend told me you didn't update your blog for a week and we thought you were dead!"

as granny weatherwax would say: I ATEN'T DEAD.

(just escaping)


Blogger leflange said...

Damn homey. Hope your disillusionment abates.

10/19/2005 10:16 am  
Blogger galatea said...

oh it will... in fact, am sorely tempted to post now as i am quietly working myself into a rage about the Health and Safety woman opposite, who is asking my (pregnant) colleague all kinds of fatuous questions about whether she's too hot.

meanwhile, i am sitting on a chair approximately two feet too high for the computer screen (and with the adjuster knob hopelessly broken) - a computer screen i stare at non-stop for eight hours a day, burning my retinas - under two broken lights and a knackered aircon system. my chiropractor would definitely not approve, and I'm sure I have RSI.

I hope she dies in a deeply ironic trip hazard accident, possibly involving my colleague's amniotic fluid.

10/19/2005 2:21 pm  
Anonymous Laura said...

RSI is a serious threat. I'm investing in voice recognition software.

10/19/2005 5:12 pm  
Blogger Gothamimage said...

What does galatea mean?

10/20/2005 1:17 am  
Blogger Artegall said...

Suggest you ask a fellow female blogger to tell you a v. funny story indeed re. Health and Safety. Hope to see you posting soon. Damn.

10/20/2005 1:45 am  
Blogger Artegall said...

Sorry, that's probably too vague...a female blogger who happens to be a fellow bunny. Trying not to get her in trouble.

10/20/2005 1:46 am  
Blogger galatea said...

are we talking about a H&S official who is well qualified to advise you on whether the positions you can end up adopting in the line of your duties can be a terrific strain on your back...?

cracking story.

10/20/2005 7:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

boo hoo. no blog. boring. boring. and do you know all these people who leave messages on your board?

10/20/2005 11:54 am  
Blogger Artegall said...

Correct. In fact that story makes me smile so much I think someone should write a post about it, obviously making it completely untraceable to real life events. Perhaps your next post?

10/20/2005 12:02 pm  
Blogger galatea said...

anonymous - no, they are figments of my imagination, all of them.

(although now i can preface my next post with 'back by popular demand'...)

Artegall, I am well up for some Occupational Therapy, if you know what I mean. But I fear it would get me into trouble...

10/20/2005 12:57 pm  
Blogger Artegall said...

Just ask her then do it. DO IT.

10/20/2005 1:48 pm  
Blogger hangthedj said...

Being the said bunny I do not mind if you do it, as long as I am not at all implicated...

10/20/2005 4:15 pm  
Blogger Artegall said...

I think you may have just implicated yourself. Dear oh dear. Fuck it. It's a great story.

10/20/2005 4:49 pm  
Blogger galatea said...

it is a brill story... ok, i'll post it.

(also, did you note my use of the word 'brill' there? not seen in the wild since 1995...)

10/21/2005 8:21 am  

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