Tuesday, September 13, 2005

new look. new thinking. or some other bollocks.

in celebration of the guardian's new look, this blog has one too. i know it looks like it's in mourning at the moment, but let's call it a work in progress...

i really meant to post on the guardian's new look, but i have ranted drunkenly about it so much to the 3D people that i have nothing left to give here. to set out my stall briefly, though - i hate the masthead (pretty rich coming from someone who's so slapdash with capital letters here, i suppose), like the size, hate the g2 graphic, think the columns are too wide, like the new type, think the leading on the headlines is bizarre, and quite like it overall. There, that wasn't so hard.

ps. things you might have missed:
  • jeremy clarkson hit in face by pie
  • my nephew, Oliver Richard, born on Sunday, weighing 9lbs 8oz. Dad is lobbying hard for him to be renamed Oliver Richard Freddie Flintoff. Needlessly cute baby photo below.
  • Jordan and Peter Andre's OK wedding album released. Apparently the groom wores stingray skin shoes, and the bride wore pink. Mmm.
  • Bugatti Veyron 'not cool, look like a pus-filled spot', says Guttersniper. Who loves TVRs.
  • Angela Merkel's name? Still amusing.


    Blogger one-step-removed said...

    I'm about to become a step-uncle (is that what you become when your cousin has a baby?). Anyway, my cousin's my age. So not sure how I feel about it.

    Why is Angela Merkel's name amusing? More importantly, why are you following German politics?

    9/14/2005 11:51 am  
    Blogger galatea said...

    because it sounds a little bit like merkin - perhaps a diminuitive version...

    9/14/2005 4:17 pm  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    9/14/2005 4:39 pm  
    Blogger Artegall said...

    In my world, every baby would have Freddie as its middle name. Even girls.

    9/16/2005 11:56 am  

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