Friday, September 02, 2005


boredom absolutely terrifies me. and in the spirit of facing my fears, here i am posting about it. but don't worry, this isn't going to be one of those awful endless diatribe where you can feel the clock ticking audibly as the unfortunate writer, in desperation, writes an entire piece of how she can't think of anything to write. because i can.

i have decided why i am afraid of boredom. it's the same reason that i am (shamefully) afraid of the dark - it's an encounter with the infinite. seriously, think about it, think about eternity, think about the afterlife: how boring will that be?

in my agnostic travels over the last few years, i've come to the conclusion that i hope there isn't really a conscious afterlife, or at least there's one of those universal consciousness things that the more laidback religions go in for. my mum (a devout catholic) is very big on the We'll All Meet Again in Heaven idea, but i find this frankly terrifying. i love my family and friends dearly, but spending all my time with them? forever? yikes. and there wouldn't even be the option of suicide, presumably, so you really would be stuck with them.

so that's why i hate boredom. it's a little taste of death.


of course, i wouldn't like to leave you in such a sombre mood, lest you think that sub-editing stories about Wild Boar culls and 'hoodie thugs steal grandmother's bingo winnings' has sapped my will to live. boredom can be a very positive thing, because it inspires me to avoid it. today, i've read nearly all lynn barber's observer interviews, quite a few James May fansites (yes, i might be sad, but i am a mere amateur compared to the people who post in 'The Pievy', the online forum), extensively browsed Wikipedia, and even read quite a lot of Pepys Diary online. See? The internet means we need never be bored again.

Let's hope Heaven has broadband.


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