Wednesday, August 17, 2005

things i have recently discovered

1) it is very easy to lose sight of your principles when you have no money.
2) terry pratchett is an amazingly good writer. anyone who mocks his books because they are 'fantasy' is a cultural snob, who probably pretends to like jazz because they think it makes them look intellectual.
3) i am quite a boring person. i no longer want to stay up past midnight, or go to loud pubs where people shout at each other about what club they are going to next.
4) martin amis has been allowed to get away with some completely pointless novels. i refer you to 'other people', and the four hours of my life which i spent waiting for the denouement. i can now never recover that time.
5) i want to be 21 forever, it's the perfect age, full of promise and gilded with opportunity. at 22, i might actually have to start delivering results.
6) my housemate is a demented fool, and i am seriously considering posting all 6 pages of his hate mail to me on the internet. cruel, but fair.
7) i want to go travelling. i will never have enough money to do this.
8) lots of amazing gossip which i am not allowed to tell you. ha ha.
9) the idea that things are cheaper 'oop north' is a cruel fiction. just ask my bank balance.
10) you should always have ten things in a list like this, even if it starts to peter out at the end.


Blogger one-step-removed said...

(puts hand up)

I want to hear the hate mail!

Oh, and as regards travelling, I'm firmly from the "raise-enough-to-get-the-air-fare-and-figure-the-rest-out-when-you-get-there school."

At least, that's my plan for the next year.

8/17/2005 6:13 pm  
Blogger galatea said...

i like your idea, but sadly i'm from the school of 'plan everything in minute detail five months beforehand and hand every other member of the party a personalised itinerary".

8/20/2005 2:39 pm  

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