Tuesday, July 05, 2005


well, isn't this odd. i'm on holiday... i have always been one of those spoddy kids that chose to do extra homework rather than play outside, and consequently i have a problem with being on holiday: i'm not very good at it.

I think that my entire school and university career has indoctrinated me with the belief that fun is something you have when you should be doing something more important.

I have three weeks (well, two and a half now, strictly) before i have to leave the big smoke and spend a couple of months in sunny yorkshire. Guttersniper and I have resolved to spend our spare time (when not writing headlines like 'Do Breasts Cause Death?' and 'Did Diana sleep with Shergar?") in contemplation and poetry writing.

i hope to grow as a human being, a wish that will probably be fulfilled as i turn to Monster Munch and cake in place of friends and fun.

in other news, i finally got my first proper national newspaper byline on monday (a groundbreaking story on yak-skiing), appropriately just days before i give them up forever...

in saddest way to end a blog post ever - i'm off to tidy my room. my parents are staying on our way back from france (did i mention i'm going to france on an eating holiday? no? oh good) and i have to hide all my contraband. over and out.


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