Friday, June 17, 2005

wanton conjecture

i dispatch this from the foreign desk at a Newspaper That Cannot Be Named. Without really trying, i seem to have effected a one-woman take over of the British press, working at no less than four national newspapers in a fortnight, doing plus restaurant reviews for Square Meal, and having a job interview at another one.

this week i've been working on the foreign desk, and so have been forced to contain my excitement over the Cruise/Holmes engagement, in favour of tracking the presidential elections in Iran (my tip's for a surprise Moin victory, obviously I will edit this post if i am wrong).

Continuing my terse posts of late, that's it for now, except to recommend you make yourself aware of John McCain. He's not only the acceptable face of Republicanism, he's been damn funny on The Daily Show, and he's a proper war hero. And he's going to be the next President of the United States.

go on, bet you a fiver.

PS. Is the most pointless quote from a spokesperson ever?

"The 24-year-old England defender has been dating Tweedy, 21, for nine months.
Her spokesman said: “Ashley and Cheryl are engaged. He proposed in Dubai and
she accepted straight away. Everyone is very happy for them.”"

No shit.


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