Monday, June 20, 2005

tom cruise in sense of humour failure shock

this article from today's Guardian about the channel 4 film crew who squirted tom cruise with a water pistol really made me angry. they're going to be charged with assault? ASSAULT? i can see ways in which it's possible to assault someone with a water pistol, but they'd be a lot more hands on and pretty difficuly to accomplish in public.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assault is a funny offence. To assault someone, you don't have to actually strike them in any way - making them believe you're going to hit them is in itself assault.

Hence "assault and battery" - making someone think you're going to hit them, then actually doing it.

6/20/2005 5:56 pm  
Blogger The Grinch said...

I think you'll find this is an example of the compensation culture which is spiralling out of all control. Tom Cruise is merely enforcing his European human right not to be squirted with water.

6/21/2005 12:12 pm  
Blogger galatea said...

the grinch: so if i tell you now over t'internet that i'm going to wallop you the next time i see you, is that assault?

i am living on the edge.

6/21/2005 3:01 pm  

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