Tuesday, May 24, 2005

quite interesting.

so, hang the dj and i went to a recording of QI last night. it was, as you might expect, very funny. i was sitting at the very end of the row, so i could peer behind the curtain where the slebs were waiting.

just after stephen fry came out, i saw it. a glimpse of white jacket. a flash of denim. the gleam of nasty too-brown brogues. it could only mean one thing: CLARKSON.

And so it was.

I also saw alan davies behind the curtain before he came out. he thought no one was watching, looked round guiltily, fished out a big checked hanky from his pocket and evacuated his sinuses extremely thoroughly. touchingly, he then scrutinised the hanky for a full five seconds.

the show was very funny, although the best (ie. rudest) bits will inevitably not make it onto television, like Jeremy Clarkson mocking Beadle's tiny hand.

apart from that, the only other thing worthy of note that's happened is that i've entirely lost my faith in humanity (don't be alarmed, this happens about twice a week). i watched some of the auditions for big brother 6, and you can always tell from the first sentence that these people should never, ever, be granted the oxygen of publicity. example opener: "what this show needs is someone who is intelligent, and not afraid to show it. unlike most of the people here, i've read 1984." i almost wished they had let him in just to watch the other housemates taunt and kill him like piggy in lord of the flies.

and if you haven't seen it, i thoroughly recommend armando iannucci's new offering, the thick of it. chris langham, who seemed destined to be the "interesting"-looking perpetually supporting actor of british comedy, has really come into his own this year. he was excellent on not the nine o clock news, but buggered off to america to work on the muppets. he's back, and following that thing he did where he was never in front of the camera (looked good: but i never watched it properly), there was the excellent help where he was the perfect foil to paul whitehouse's many characters. And now this. Comparisons with Yes Minister are inevitable, as is the observation that this is particularly chilling satire. In Yes Minister the joke was that the civil servants ran the show, not the politicians. Watching The Thick of It makes you yearn for those more innocent times.

There's one Yes Minister episode where Jim Hacker forces the civil service to commit to a measure by announcing it on TV without telling them. Humphrey has to capitulate, and it's a rare triumph of political will. But nothing so simple will work here - in the first episode of The Thick of It the Minister thinks he has the go-ahead for a "sponger avengers" squad, tells the BBC and is promptly rebuked by the sinister Campbell-like figure and forced to kill the story. In Hacker's day, the media were detached, and something on the record could not be expunged. Not any more: the media are players just like the politicians, and they play the game too.

Like I said, chilling stuff, and if the rumours of insider sources are to be believed we can upgrade that to positively terrifying. perhaps we really are a nation of idiots, governed by bullies.

but my faith in humanity's not entirely gone, for one good reason. an off-duty charity mugger turned to me at the traffic lights and said, "are you friendly as well as pretty?" he followed this up by telling me i had beautiful eyes, and he was cute.

what more can you ask for? pathetically, i smiled all the way home.


Blogger The Grinch said...

Goodness, that's an excellent line. Perhaps they're taught stuff like that in chugger school.

I must try that one out myself. If it works on such a towering bastion of feminist intellect as Galatea, then it'll work on anyone...

5/27/2005 4:36 pm  

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