Tuesday, May 31, 2005

not really a post...

...more a diary entry.

things that have happened since the last episode:

1) been to oxford. rediscovered its charming streets, toffish residents, and upsetting tourists.
2) met a lot of student journos, who were mildly in awe of me "working for real newspapers". if only they knew.
3) failed to get a job.
4) got an interview for a job.
5) saw my relatives-in-law from new zealand. talked about apples.
6) tried organic cola. it was truly foul.
7) threw up mojito into my mouth. swallowed it again.
8) read richard dawkins' a devil's chaplain. had non-divine revelation that other people think the same as me about religion, and can express it better.
9) as a result of 8) took my mother to task over the doctrine of the Ascension of Mary into Heaven - or, as the Germans delightfully call it, "Maria Himmelfahrt". It's balls, I said. Yes, said my RE-teaching Catholic mother, it is a bit balls.
10) stayed out until 2am, like a proper fun young person, not the prematurely-middle aged figure i often feel i'm becoming.

proper post to follow..


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