Friday, May 06, 2005

not about bar sports, breasts or tv

quick question: is dave chappelle the only man in the world who is sexy despite having a moustache?

on a related note, is derren brown the sexiest ginger?


Blogger Artegall said...

Two words: Burt Reynolds. Probably my idol.
Derren Brown has brown hair, doesn't he?

5/06/2005 9:15 pm  
Blogger The guttersniper said...

Two more words: Errol Flynn. On the second point, I think it's brown as well, but with a ginger tinge. And the sexiest ginger - I quite like Julianne Moore.

5/07/2005 10:13 pm  
Blogger galatea said...

Burt Reynolds? Possibly you find him sexy, and indeed he was the first male centrefold, but no. Ruled inadmissable due to seventies chest rug.

Derren Brown is most definitely ginger. I will brook no opposition on this.

And Guttersniper, of course ginger women can be sexy - see Gillian Anderson's triumph as World's Sexiest Woman.

5/08/2005 12:16 pm  
Anonymous buggersgrips said...

Sexy ginger women? I refer you to Jessica Rabbit.

Scher-wingg, as we once said.

5/08/2005 5:51 pm  
Anonymous leflange said...

I believe the chuckle brothers have something of a reputation. And I'm probably the sexiest ginger.

5/13/2005 11:41 am  
Blogger The Grinch said...

You chaps should definitely speak to my girlfriend, and not just because I'm ginger. She fancies Derren Brown possibly even more.

5/16/2005 11:36 am  
Blogger galatea said...

god, i would love derren brown to penetrate my inner consciousness. vuuuuurrr.

5/17/2005 7:48 pm  

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