Thursday, May 05, 2005

a long night

I went to vote earlier today, and was much impressed by the quality of loon candidates in my constituency, an impregnably safe Lib Dem seat. "Storm Poorun" of the Greens was excitingly Nordic-sounding for Sarf London, and the National Front described themselves on the ballot paper as "National Front - Caring for Britain". Pah.

So, the first exit polls have been published, and the BBC reckon that Labour will be returned with a majority of 66. However, we have been reminded that they predicted victory for Kinnock in 1992.

I'll be at an anonymous national newspaper for election night, where the atmosphere is near-palpable and we've gone with the BBC's coverage. First editions of the Times and Sun (that gives you a clue) have arrived, showing the Sun is currently splashing on "Dad Cert" with a charming picture of over-18 Blair children off to vote with Ma and Pa. Page 3 as ever lowers the tone with some topless wrestling between stunnas in red and blue thongs.

Ooh, that's the editor. Look busy.


Getting a little scared at how well the Conservatives seem to be doing. Surely, surely, they won't win another 50 seats? They even claim to be winning a seat in Wales! This is good news for the party, but bad news for Bill Wiggin, Tory MP for Leominster (not many miles from Wales), who was appointed Conservative spokesman for Wales. A rival remarked, "He's been made that because he can just about see Wales from his window on a good day". If the Tories claw back some Welsh ground, I shall worry.

More news from Sunderland, this time North. Five thousand for Con, 15,000 for Lab, more than a thousand for BNP and two thousand for Lib Dem. Apparently Lib Dems have gained at the expense of Labour.

Excellent, I think someone's smuggled in beer.


Pizza arrived ten minutes ago, and now I can honestly say I have seen a "media feeding frenzy", as Professor Roy Greenslade of the Guardian might say. Settling back down to watch the Beeb, Dame Shirley Whatsherchops has just said "bloody" and they've got Boris Johnson and Ian Hislop, so I'm beginning to enjoy this.

excellent: what we all need. a fine miniature watercolour portrait of BoJo:

and over to beta for boris photoshop fun here


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