Sunday, May 01, 2005


I know nothing about engines. This is something I'm fully prepared to admit in public, and in fact did so at the job interview. Which I think makes it a little harsh that they asked me to write a 2000 word feature on some obscure aspect of them. Still, I'm trying, and hoping against hope that at the very least, I'll gain some valuable pub quiz knowledge.

Other than that, very little to report, apart from the fact I seem to have turned into some kind of emotional zombie and am unable to get worked up about anything. So: bad for the blog, for its natural fuel is vitriol, but good for me, and good for anyone out there who has been waiting for the right moment to tell me that they slept with my mother, or something similar.

Back to the world of OEMs and MROs and MCPH relationships, sometimes all in the same sentence.


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