Friday, April 29, 2005

not chuckling anymore.

I was horrified to read this, but frankly I'm not surprised. I once interviewed Barry and Paul (and bizarrely, two of their brothers, whose surname is not Chuckle) after their hit stage show, Barry Potty and the Philosopher's Stone. I was with P, a fellow student journalist with (he won't mind me saying this) the sense of humour of a 9 year old. After we'd waited a reasonable time, out came the Brothers Chuckle, dressed in sheepskin coats and smoking tiny roll-ups (see posts passim).

They were polite enough, and their tales of full-size snooker tables and indoor swimming pools convinced me there was money to be made from promoting domestic violence on television. However, they were quite grubby. Handing them a copy of the previous week's paper with Jordan on the front provoked the line, "oooh, I'm a Celebrity... Get me in there!" which was a little nauseating. Then they told us that their older fans once mocked up their faces on porn star bodies and left it on the windscreen of their tour bus. After chuckling (yes!) for a while, the smaller one went, "Of course, it's not funny. Kids could have seen it."

All that remained was for P, in inimitable fashion, to ask a question. "So," he ventured, "you've done a lot of work for children - tell me, have you ever considered adult entertainment?"

The mental image was too much: An unnamed Chuckle going at it like the clappers, probably still with tiny roll-up in mouth, going "to me!", "to you!" in ecstasy. I swallowed and stared at the floor.

Luckily the Chuckles didn't seem offended at this line of questioning. "Oh yes," they chorused, "that's how we started out. We did all the clubs before we got to do it on camera."

So that's today's exclusive: The Chuckle Brothers were in porn.

Sidenote: When P wrote up the finished article, I had to cut out a sentence which referred to them as "the missing link between the animal and gypsy kingdom, they looked like two pikeys who had wandered away from their dodgems". Now I think about it, we did lots of those kinds of interviews. Perhaps I could make this a regular series.


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